Once More We Survive

by Annakin Slayd

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Featuring New York City Legends Inspectah Deck of Wu-Tang as well Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr of Onyx and with international production from Germany, Sweden, France, Russia as well as Canadian Vago, one half of Vanguards (Kardinal Offishal, K-Os, Akon), “Once More We Survive” is the new album from the most unique Rap artist in Canada, Annakin Slayd.

Since his debut single in 2005, Annakin has built a fast growing stable of dedicated fans, lured in by poetic and cinematic reflections on the state of Hip Hop, provocative political and social commentary, throwback pulse pounding beats and melodies that consistently raise the hairs on the back of their necks. They will be far from disappointed with his new effort, "Once More We Survive", where legendary guest appearances and top notch lyricism over grimy beats promise to stir up game changing factions in the redundant world of modern Hip Hop Music and bring the East Coast back via the Great White North . The great thing about Anni is that his music is a veritable two headed monster. Not only can he ignite excitement in the underground but also graciously cross over to the commercial side with unavoidably catchy, radio market accessible songs like "No Scruples", a sort of Hip Hop answer to Lady Gaga's "Paparrazzi". Or "Shaunessey Village", a soulful track with a summertime beat that's brilliantly contrasted by the recession relevant topic of poverty and homelessness. This allows for the marketing of the project to be open to many different avenues for promotion and the novel idea of pushing to two markets simultaneously (ie. radio tracking different singles to both top 40 radio and college stations at same time!). The grass roots "backpacker" demographic and Hip Hop traditionalists will be lured in by featurings from multi-platinum selling 90's icons Inspectah Deck and Onyx while the more radio friendly minded will enjoy the more melodically influenced tracks like those produced by Vago, a member of Canada's own Vanguards who produced Kardinal Offishal's hit "Dangerous" featuring Akon which sold 2.6 million records in 2008.

Conceptual Vision Of "Once More We Survive"

A continuation of "Stalwart Empire" but also somewhat of a prequel, Slayd's 2007 vision of Hip Hop as an Old West run by shameless profiteers and trigger happy gunslingers and it's subsequent destruction and rebuilding was seemingly just that; A vision. No new empire of conscious artists and morally responsible poets has yet emerged. Enter Slayd's new landscape set in Medieval Japan where noble Samurais must defend the poor and ignorant against merciless bandits. The cleansing is not done yet. There are still more sacred musical notions left to defend in the land as Slayd rounds up the best living poets to once again try to destroy Hip Hop and rebuild it the way the Golden Era MCs had envisioned. 


released October 13, 2011



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Annakin Slayd Montréal, Québec

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